HOHA India Scoping Mission 2018 – Delhi

The last leg of our journey was Delhi. Our first meeting was with the Assistant Executive Director for Caritas India Father Paul Moonjely. Here again was another example of a remarkable individual. They are currently focused on providing palliative & financial assistance for cancer sufferers with over 20,000 volunteers being trained to provide support & counselling as well as creating the “Lavender Army” a group made up of entirely children volunteers in schools.

Meeting with Father Paul Moonjely

Next it was off to the Vatican Embassy for  meeting with the Director of the Catholic Nurses Guild of India, Dr Stephen.

With each successive meeting we were able to obtain a clearer picture on the healthcare needs of people throughout India.


We appreciate the time & hospitality that everyone extended to us. From the sisters at the FPCC to the people in the slums & their hospitality, we’re grateful for the time & lessons they were able to share with us. 

To the amazing individuals we met Sister Elsa, Mr Roy, Brother Varghese, Father Paul & Dr Stephen, we appreciate the time you spent with us & hope that we are able to more formally assist with your missions in the near future.

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    HOHA India Scoping Mission 2018 – Delhi – The Remedy

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