HOHA India Scoping Mission 2018 – Hyderabad

Next stop on the mission was Hyderabad, to meet with Brother Varghese Theckanath director of the Montfort Social Institute.

Montfort Social Institute (MSI) focuses on three important issues protection of human rights, sustainable development, and governance. They do a lot of community outreach & operate schools located in the slums of Hyderabad.

Brother Varghese made arrangements for us to do some treatment outreach in the slums to get an understanding of the needs of the community. This was one of the most mentally & emotionally challenging things I’ve ever experienced. The conditions they lived in & the physical conditions that they suffered from could easily have been addressed if access to physical medicine was more easily available.

Headquarters of CHAITRI

Brother Varghese himself had spent 12 years living in these slums and the things for which he has been able to do for these communities is endless. He’s assisted in lands rights issues, contributed to research in slums & created 28 schools in Hyderabad all in slums. Its admirable the amount of time & commitment he’s made to the people in these areas & it shows when you take a wander through with him. It feels like being around a celebrity as he has taught many of the people here.

The first school Brother Varghese built

We look forward to hearing more about Brother Varghese achievements & what we’re able to do to assist his continued mission in helping the people of the slums.

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    HOHA India Scoping Mission 2018 – Hyderabad – The Remedy

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